Preselected Temperatures

Is there a way to change the default preset temperatures?

Sorry for so many questions, but I can't find a search forum option (using mobile if that means anything)


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    Firmware see online configuration tool in extruder section
    Host look under Config - Printer - default temperature(s)
  • In server printer configration->Extruder you can assign each extruder and bed multiple temepratures with names. The first 4 will also appear as temperature in touch screen for selection.
  • sorry I ment the name for that temperature, So on the touch screen I can show the filament brand instead of the temperature
  • Due to space limitation especially if used on 3.5" displays we can only show 3-4 chars which is why we only show temperatures there as names would be too long in many cases. But will see if we can change it for wide displays.
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    Makes sense, 3.5 is pretty limited.
    I guess my current cheat sheet works too.
    Still love ya work thou :-) :-)
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