Load parts from command line

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Hello !!
i'm working on a project to batch import STL files on Slic3r.
It would be easy, but the thing is that, each object i have to print, contains 4 stl files : 
- The first one is the base of the object
- The three others are linked to the first one and are splitted to be able to assign, to each part, a dedicated density.
From the GUI, i can use the load part menu, after selecting the main part, and i can easily assign to each part, the needed parameters.
I'ld like to be able to do exactly the same thing from CLI, is it possible ?
Thanks a lot for any help !


  • No that is not possible. Not in host anyway and as far as I can see also not in slic3r. Only solution is to make a 3mf file where you integrate the 4 files with mods in the metadata the way slic3r would do that as well.
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