Multiple cams page layout

How can I show multiple cameras on 1 page?

Under the camera selection dropdown is it possible to have an all cams option?



  • Good question. The way it is currently written I can not do it. Also there will always be the constrain that you can see maximum of 3 webcams or browsers might block communication as each webcam also a download and you can have max. 4 downloads on some browsers, others limit to 6. I will keep this in mind for the case that I make them individual widgets so I can just add multiple of them.
  • Is the app in the same browser class?

    I have 3 cams (low res) on a single printer running an RPi 3B+, which amazingly seems to handle it fine, I will be upgrading to v4 soon, so 3 would work for me perfect ????
  • > Is the app in the same browser class?

    The way the webcam page is written does not allow 3 cams. That needs deep changes for which I currently have no time, hence my comment when I make it a widget in the app I can do it more easily by just having Layouts for 1, 2 or 3 webcams selectable. Then I add it.

    Pi 4 is ordered but the say november:-( Anyway, I think if you start image on pi3 and upgrade to latest kernel it should work on pi 4 as well. Will do so for next image as well, also I can not test that until I have my pi 4.
  • wow November, I thought the site I'm looking at had them in stock, Ill have to double check it.

    Can we rename the camera drop downs then?
    Change the naming from
    Webcam 1
    Webcam 2
    Webcam 3

  • No, config has no name field.

    Reports for delivery differ from source. Seems most get only small quantities first so will take a while before it is available everywhere. Or it the model I ordered that will get produced later.
  • Can you add a name field for cams in the next version please.
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