Dashboard Webcam View....

Is it possible when clicking on the webcam of a printer displayed on the dashboard to be taken to the webcam of that printer? I feel that it’s a little counter productive to click on the dashboard webcam and be taken to the printer and then have to click the webcam icon to view the larger webcam view.

If it's not possible could this be considered in a future update?


  • While it is possible to write this I do not think that it is a good idea. Most users just click anywhere to go to printer and would not expect to land on webcam view. I understand that for those wanting to webcam view this means a click more it is not the common usage so we will not add this.
  • I feel this much more efficient that using the two clicks required to get there now? I I want to go to the printer I can follow the clearly labeled link below the webcam view. Or perhaps you could add a button adjacent to the go to printer button?
  • I agree, click on webcam should = webcam
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