Lost Connection

lost connection 2nd time since sunday- any thoughts
after it lost connection sunday- I rebooted printer- pi and redid gcode again
new cables- everything on backups
 I have 2 -S4's and a S2 on this Pi


  • On a pi reason is normally a power supply that is not as stable as required and then linux disconnects usb devices on power drops. See
    vor undervoltage warnings from linux and check /var/log/syslog to see if linux in deed did disconnect usb.
  • here is the power supply we are using

    CyberPower EC550G Ecologic UPS System, 550VA/330W, 8 Outlets, ECO Mode, Compact

  • That is a UPS and not what is powering your raspberry pi. At best it protects the power supply and prevents power loss in short main power break. But important is voltage going inside pi that must be stable. So check as I said if it was the problem. Have that even with the official pi power also in my case it does not disconnect so just gets critical sometimes but not enough to disconnect.
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