Printer stops several times during print. "Communication timeout - reset send buffer block"

So my printer is stopping every minute or so, resuming after a minute or so (image attached).

Here's an example of a log fragment from one of the times it stopped:

16:56:46.702 : N94353 G1 X152.75 Y143.969 E388.43146*89

16:56:46.706 : ok 28817

16:56:46.706 : N94354 G1 X152.683 Y144.737 E388.47953*107

16:56:46.712 : ok 28818

16:56:46.712 : N94355 G1 X152.492 Y145.45 E388.52556*86

16:56:46.730 : ok 28819

16:56:46.730 : N94356 G1 X152.178 Y146.122 E388.57182*111

16:57:26.807 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

16:57:26.807 : N94357 M105*43

16:57:26.813 : ok 28821

16:57:26.813 : N94358 M117 ETE 3h 30m 02s*55

16:57:26.815 : T:229.50 /230 B:110.03 /110 B@:99 @:0

16:57:26.818 : ok 28822

16:57:26.818 : N94359 G1 X151.755 Y146.727 E388.61786*110

16:57:26.846 : ok 28823

16:57:26.846 : N94360 G1 X151.227 Y147.255 E388.66442*105

16:57:26.850 : ok 28824

16:57:26.861 : N94361 G1 X150.622 Y147.678 E388.71046*101

16:57:26.865 : ok 28825

16:57:26.865 : N94362 G1 X149.95 Y147.992 E388.75672*90

I really don't know what to make of it, everything looks fine to me.

The printer was printing PLA just fine, it started doing that when I switched to ABS. I never print ABS, but for this project I'm working on, it has to be ABS. Is it possible that the printer is not handling the higher temperature well?

I'd really appreciate any help you guys could give me.


  • Looks like you have ping pong enabled. Disable it and you have good chances that it does not happen any more since we can then fix it in the fly. Since it happens only with abs it might be that the higher energy required for extruder increases communication errors, which disabling ping pong has a good chance to fix.
  • Forgot to update. The problem seemed to be the version of Windows in use. All the computers I tried with Windows 7 had this problem. Once I switched to computers with Windows 8 or 10, the problem was solved.
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