layer shifting in speed

I need some guidance.
I am test printing 5 parts using Simplify 3D.  These parts are not  more than 6mm and have different shapes.  When printing them, the printer starts shifting layers about 5 times in this height.  This happened in the X axis.
I am using TMC2130 in X and Y axis at a current of 0.9.  This I moved up to 1 (1000) but did not have any effect.   
I tried printing the parts individually and the shifting DID NOT occur.
I am beginning to suspect some acceleration/ speed or something used to jump from one part to the other since the printer will be printing one layer for each part at a time....
any suggestions as to what may be the cause or some lead?


  • With multiple parts you have travel moves in between which are normally much faster then printing moves. So that might be the part that is too much for your settings. Also there are classic errors causing shift like end stops triggering, overheating, pulley loose, ...
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