Silly question,but whats the repetier server for? Is this what Im connected to now? I got the API number and connect  but cant see why I need to when the cheap printer is not connected to anything,[cant figure out how] even tho its plugged into the pc via USB. When yr new to all this a lot of it is just clicking on stuff to see if it works


  • Main purpose is to send the gcode to the printer while not blocking your computer with high resource needs. It works as background process like a normal 2d printer driver. If you use host to send slice and start print that means you can even close host and print will continue. Only pc should not be closed.

    The other reason is to remotely access it using the web gui. So as long as you are in same network as the printer you can check status with a mobile and if you have a webcam connected you can even see if print is still ok and if not you can stop it.

    Last thing is that is also runs on cheap small computers like raspberry pi so with the pi next to your printer you have a remotely accessible printer that is more flexible in placement e.g. in a different room then your pc so you do not hear it but can still watch and control from pc.
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