Re-arm board and uploading firmware

I've just purchased a re-arm board for a printer I'm building.  The printer is already connected to a RS instance and is working with a standard Mega R3 board running Marlin 2.0.  I'm curious about when I put in the re-arm board how that's going to affect my ability to upload new firmware to the board.  I don't see the re-arm as an option in the "board type" portion of the firmware upload screen.


  • I think it behaves and uses smoothieware where the upload happens by mounting the device as mass storage and just copying the firmware file, so that is a way at least currently not supported by server. Not 100% sure as I do not have it, but the kickstarter mentioned smoothieware.
  • It can run smoothieware, but it also can run Marlin 2.0.  The instructions are similar in that you start by hooking the board up to the computer where The SD card on the rearm board shows up as a mass storage device and you use platform IO or something similar to compile Marlin and copy it to the board.  I'm guessing that when the board is hooked up to my PI that runs RS, it will also show up as a mass storage device.  I haven't played with it yet either, but it  might be just a matter of instead of using avrdude to install the firmware, RS could just copy it to the sd card and signal it to reboot.
  • Yes, guess you are right. Just needs to get mounted to always same directory that you then enter. So a copy uploader that always use same name might be a nice addition so it could be used as uploader for that. Sould not be so difficult also you need to configure the automounter of linux to mount it.
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