Define active columns on Printer Index page


Is there a way to define which columns are shown on the printer main screen??

I will like some more relevant screens like cost, weight, slicer, printed etc

I think a simple checkbox could solve this. but meanwhile, how can I modify this screen so I see the columns I want at a glance? cheers


  • No the colums are not changeable. Only thing is when your display is small it will reduce them. For all informations you will need the summary function.
  • Any chance of making them changeable. Will make workflows a lot more efficient as opposed to having to click into summary for just one piece of info
  • Not really. They are hard coded and that adds too much complexity to a simple thing. What you see are the the relevant facts for most users. filament is equvalent to costs and weight - just a factor difference. Time is important to know if you have time to print it. Slicer is not important at all normally.
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