z-axis moves up forever

i have a Da Vinci 1.0a running repetier 0.92.
i can move my xyz axis manually perfectly fine but when i home them the x and y work normally but the z axis just keeps moving upwards and only stops when i am forced to shut off the printer. i have set the home pos of the z axis to many spots but it is the same each time. can anybody help with this?


  • There is only one spot to change homing direction
    // Sets direction of endstops when homing; 1=MAX, -1=MIN
    #define X_HOME_DIR -1
    #define Y_HOME_DIR -1
    #define Z_HOME_DIR 1

    Check also M119 to see where your endstop is. If you have min endstop use -1 otherwise 1. If it moves in wrong direction invert motor direction, not homing direction.
  • after a bit more playing around i have found out the the z endstop is not being detected at all. the detector should be working fine because i only changed to repetier a few days ago and it was working beforehand, even if i block the optics with a metal ruler it still says that there is nothing in the way. the x and y endstops are both working correctly, so it is only the z axis. I am quite new to repetier so there is probably something i overlooked.
  • If it does not work any more it is probably wrong pin number or pullup is set wrong.
  • i messed about with pull ups and it didn't fix anything. all i need to do now is change the pin number but i have no idea where to find this and what to change it to. once again, i am new to this program so im sorry if this is super simple stuff
  • Normally you use the symbolic name which matches then the board pin names. Some boards just have 3 pins for xyz min so you have to use Z_MIN_PIN also if you use it for z max as there is no other available. Others have min and max and you just need to check where it is conncted.
  • What controller board are you using and what socket is the Z endstop connected too ?
  • same problem
    one axis that is x movement homing problem

  • Homing moves 150% of width or until it hits the end stop. So if it does not stop the end stop is normally not configured correctly. Try M119 to see if endstops work as expected. Also make sure the when xmin homing it is the xmin endstop triggering!
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