Extrusion stops with flow setting below 100%

Sometimes I need to change the flow parameter a little below 100%. That was no problem with previous versions of Repetier-Server. But with version 0.91.2 the extrusion immediately stops when I change the flow below 100% during the print.

I'm using Repetier-Server on a RaspberryPi 3.


  • Please check console with enabled commands. All that the command should do is send M221 Spercent and the rest is done by firmware. So as long as it does not send M221 S0 e.g. M221 S99 it would be a firmware problem. With console it should be easy to see what gets send to verify where it lies. Will also test. You do not need to test with a print. Just doing it while idle is all needed.
  • Yes this works: 9:59:08.217: N741255 M221 S99
    I didn't change the firmware the last few years, I will take a look on that. My printer is a GermanReprap Protosv2.
  • Can you clarify what works? The server does send the right command and does not stop extrusion? In that case how did you change it before so that it stopped?
  • The server sends the right command. I tested a little bit more and it seems object dependent. In most cases the flow parameter works correct, but not always. I have to investigate this further.
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