RepetierServer crashes whenever Klipper has an error

Hi all,

Wondering if there is a way to sort this out.

I'm using RepetierServer with Klipper and whenever there is an error in Klipper, Repetier completely freezes after a few seconds,
I can see the message count increase sometime sup to 5, 6, 10K messages and the UI becomes completely unresponsive.

The only solution is to go to the raspi command line and restart both he klipper service as well as the repetier service.

Is there any way to make Repetier ignore all the error messages preventing it from crashing?



  • The problem lies in how server handles firmware wish to disconnect. Well it does and then it reconnects but klipper is in error state as it does not reset. I have modified this for next release. For now go to /usr/local/Repetier-Server/firmwares/klipper.xml and search

    <response type="halted">^!!</response>
    and remove it. Then server will not unconnect on such an error. Future behaviour is similar - it will not disconnect but ignore all commands not starting with # so you can still send klipper commands to fix issue.
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    Perfect. I'll make the change.
    Thank you for the helping with this.
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