How do I install on windows 7 starter w/ atom powered computer

I have an MPCNC wood carving machine I built. It uses Marlin but I have to install Arduino and Repetier. The problem is when I download Rep host, it says the file is corrupt and I have to abort. Before anyone goes on a rant, I have an i7 Core laptop too. I wanted to use the little Atom core laptop for the machine because it's sitting and collecting dust (and it is so slow for everything ioT).
Is there an earlier version or is there some other Repetier program that will work instead of the current download? 


  • Which software do you call repetier? Our host? Just downloaded and installed it and it was not corrupt and worked. When did you get the message from which software? Installer or when starting software it self?

    On download page is also a section with older downloads.
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