Laser engraving problems with inkscape

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Okay, So I have been using the Repetier plugin for inkscape to laser etch things, but I cannot get the gcode to work properly with the server/firmware.
It seems to generate correctly in Inkscape, but when it loads into repetier it gives me a few lines out of all of it and when I try to print it, the printer gives the error, "18:50:43.207 : Error:No move in delta segment with > 1 segment. This should never happen and may cause a problem!" Any ideas.


  • Yes that is a case that should not happen:

    int32_t virtualAxisSteps = static_cast<int32_t>(maxStepsPerSegment) * segmentsPerLine;
    if (virtualAxisSteps == 0 && p->delta[E_AXIS] == 0) {
    if (numLines != 1) {
    return false; // Line too short in low precision area

    You managed to get 0 virtual steps in a segment for a line that was long enough to be split. There is a check to rule out a 0 move caused by tiny distances in latest dev version. So first I#d upgrade to latest dev version of firmware to check if that message still appears. Might be exactly the case we no cover. Not sure how else you could create a move causing the error message.
  • I tried updating everything, but I still have the problem, I think the problem lies within the gcode from the repetier plugin for inkscape. Any ideas?
  • OKAY, another clue! It only has this trouble on curves. The straight lines 'slice' no problem.
  • Ok curves get subdivided in lines which are of course quite small. What are your steps per mm and updates per second? Can you also post the gcode. Maybe I can recreate it once my delta is working again.
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    OKAY here is the Gcode. I would think that my steps per mm would be irrelevant to this as the problem seems to occur before it even reaches the repetier firmware in the arduino. Just try loading it into repetier and see what it generates.

    This is suppose to say HELLO WORLD, but its all messed up. 

    M3 S255

    G0 F500
    G0 X30.7699 Y13.9178

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X30.1119 Y13.9178
    G1 X30.1119 Y14.3273
    G2 X29.8143 Y14.1045 I-1.7396 J2.013
    G2 X29.5204 Y13.9458 I-1.1644 J1.8053
    G2 X29.2048 Y13.8449 I-0.6234 J1.4065
    G2 X28.8519 Y13.8093 I-0.353 J1.7286
    G2 X28.223 Y13.9535 I0. J1.4428
    G2 X27.7388 Y14.3483 I0.5897 J1.2176
    G2 X27.4522 Y14.9287 I1.3566 J1.0307
    G2 X27.3293 Y15.8429 I3.3362 J0.9141
    G2 X27.3678 Y16.3332 I3.1396 J0.
    G2 X27.4693 Y16.7284 I2.135 J-0.3375
    G2 X27.6437 Y17.0984 I2.2176 J-0.8191
    G2 X27.8543 Y17.3899 I1.579 J-0.919
    G2 X28.1142 Y17.6259 I1.2624 J-1.1295
    G2 X28.4073 Y17.796 I0.9343 J-1.2726
    G2 X28.7332 Y17.901 I0.6749 J-1.5354
    G2 X29.0654 Y17.936 I0.3322 J-1.5612
    G2 X29.3708 Y17.9174 I0. J-2.5267
    G2 X29.6114 Y17.8695 I-0.1962 J-1.6112
    G2 X29.844 Y17.7926 I-0.5205 J-1.9664
    G2 X30.1119 Y17.67 I-1.089 J-2.7319
    G1 X30.1119 Y19.364
    G1 X30.7699 Y19.364
    G1 X30.7699 Y13.9178
    G0 F500
    G0 X30.1119 Y14.8803

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X30.1119 Y17.1239
    G3 X29.8419 Y17.2307 I-1.3491 J-3.0156
    G3 X29.6359 Y17.2884 I-0.5857 J-1.6949
    G3 X29.4246 Y17.3217 I-0.396 J-1.8277
    G3 X29.1774 Y17.3339 I-0.2472 J-2.4911
    G3 X28.6758 Y17.2269 I-0. J-1.2288
    G3 X28.3163 Y16.9489 I0.3937 J-0.8805
    G3 X28.1016 Y16.5312 I0.9235 J-0.7388
    G3 X28.0083 Y15.8569 I2.3908 J-0.6743
    G3 X28.083 Y15.1826 I3.0792 J-0.
    G3 X28.2463 Y14.7963 I1.1481 J0.2577
    G3 X28.5409 Y14.5409 I0.6035 J0.3984
    G3 X29.0094 Y14.4358 I0.4685 J0.9915
    G3 X29.2834 Y14.4651 I0. J1.2976
    G3 X29.5764 Y14.5583 I-0.3411 J1.5789
    G3 X29.8531 Y14.7015 I-0.9815 J2.2356
    G3 X30.1119 Y14.8803 I-1.2829 J2.1335
    G1 X30.1119 Y14.8803
    G0 F500
    G0 X26.2897 Y13.9178

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X25.6317 Y13.9178
    G1 X25.6317 Y19.364
    G1 X26.2897 Y19.364
    G1 X26.2897 Y13.9178
    G0 F500
    G0 X24.9982 Y17.1099

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X24.9632 Y17.1099
    G3 X24.8153 Y17.1401 I-0.5407 J-2.2708
    G3 X24.6761 Y17.1589 I-0.3405 J-1.9946
    G3 X24.5393 Y17.1714 I-0.2368 J-1.847
    G3 X24.3506 Y17.1764 I-0.1887 J-3.5095
    G3 X24.0539 Y17.1424 I-0. J-1.3123
    G3 X23.7626 Y17.0399 I0.3171 J-1.3661
    G3 X23.4897 Y16.8901 I1.0434 J-2.224
    G3 X23.2166 Y16.6934 I1.5377 J-2.4231
    G1 X23.2166 Y13.9178
    G1 X22.5585 Y13.9178
    G1 X22.5585 Y17.8275
    G1 X23.2166 Y17.8275
    G1 X23.2166 Y17.2499
    G2 X23.6222 Y17.5424 I3.0049 J-3.7394
    G2 X23.9061 Y17.6945 I1.0779 J-1.672
    G2 X24.214 Y17.7948 I0.6483 J-1.4672
    G2 X24.5186 Y17.8275 I0.3046 J-1.4028
    G2 X24.6899 Y17.8238 I0. J-4.0567
    G2 X24.7672 Y17.817 I-0.0351 J-0.8308
    G2 X24.8439 Y17.8082 I-0.1557 J-1.7137
    G2 X24.9982 Y17.7855 I-0.9461 J-6.9381
    G1 X24.9982 Y17.1099
    G0 F500
    G0 X21.5365 Y15.8709

    G0 F7.000000
    G2 X21.3938 Y14.9695 I-2.9178 J0.
    G2 X21.0465 Y14.3623 I-1.6301 J0.5295
    G2 X20.4879 Y13.9616 I-1.1607 J1.0285
    G2 X19.7339 Y13.8093 I-0.754 J1.7895
    G2 X18.9732 Y13.9622 I0. J1.9681
    G2 X18.4143 Y14.3623 I0.5968 J1.4241
    G2 X18.0697 Y14.9688 I1.288 J1.1331
    G2 X17.9278 Y15.8709 I2.7969 J0.902
    G2 X18.0697 Y16.7729 I2.9388 J-0.
    G2 X18.4143 Y17.3794 I1.6326 J-0.5265
    G2 X18.9738 Y17.7822 I1.1602 J-1.0216
    G2 X19.7339 Y17.936 I0.7601 J-1.8022
    G2 X20.4873 Y17.7829 I-0. J-1.9299
    G2 X21.0465 Y17.3794 I-0.6061 J-1.4295
    G2 X21.3938 Y16.7723 I-1.2828 J-1.1367
    G2 X21.5365 Y15.8709 I-2.7751 J-0.9014
    G1 X21.5365 Y15.8709
    G0 F500
    G0 X20.8575 Y15.8709

    G0 F7.000000
    G3 X20.7632 Y16.597 I-2.8452 J-0.
    G3 X20.5599 Y16.9979 I-1.0365 J-0.2736
    G3 X20.2131 Y17.2663 I-0.7304 J-0.5857
    G3 X19.7339 Y17.3689 I-0.4792 J-1.067
    G3 X19.248 Y17.2656 I0. J-1.1944
    G3 X18.9009 Y16.9979 I0.3783 J-0.8494
    G3 X18.7001 Y16.5977 I0.8395 J-0.6716
    G3 X18.6068 Y15.8709 I2.7862 J-0.7268
    G3 X18.6989 Y15.1675 I2.7318 J0.
    G3 X18.9044 Y14.7543 I1.1169 J0.2976
    G3 X19.2526 Y14.4808 I0.7373 J0.5803
    G3 X19.7339 Y14.3763 I0.4813 J1.0562
    G3 X20.2092 Y14.4794 I-0. J1.1469
    G3 X20.5564 Y14.7508 I-0.3904 J0.8574
    G3 X20.7638 Y15.1616 I-0.8842 J0.7041
    G3 X20.8575 Y15.8709 I-2.6393 J0.7093
    G1 X20.8575 Y15.8709
    G0 F500
    G0 X17.5883 Y19.1295

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X16.2337 Y13.9178
    G1 X15.4532 Y13.9178
    G1 X14.3576 Y18.244
    G1 X13.2866 Y13.9178
    G1 X12.5235 Y13.9178
    G1 X11.1445 Y19.1295
    G1 X11.855 Y19.1295
    G1 X12.9506 Y14.7963
    G1 X14.0286 Y19.1295
    G1 X14.7322 Y19.1295
    G1 X15.8207 Y14.7543
    G1 X16.9093 Y19.1295
    G1 X17.5883 Y19.1295
    G0 F500
    G0 X18.9044 Y22.8782

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X15.4707 Y22.8782
    G1 X15.4707 Y28.09
    G1 X18.9044 Y28.09
    G1 X18.9044 Y27.4739
    G1 X16.1637 Y27.4739
    G1 X16.1637 Y26.0459
    G1 X18.9044 Y26.0459
    G1 X18.9044 Y25.4298
    G1 X16.1637 Y25.4298
    G1 X16.1637 Y23.4942
    G1 X18.9044 Y23.4942
    G1 X18.9044 Y22.8782
    G0 F500
    G0 X23.3041 Y22.8782

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X20.0069 Y22.8782
    G1 X20.0069 Y28.09
    G1 X20.6999 Y28.09
    G1 X20.6999 Y23.4942
    G1 X23.3041 Y23.4942
    G1 X23.3041 Y22.8782
    G0 F500
    G0 X27.2943 Y22.8782

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X23.9971 Y22.8782
    G1 X23.9971 Y28.09
    G1 X24.6901 Y28.09
    G1 X24.6901 Y23.4942
    G1 X27.2943 Y23.4942
    G1 X27.2943 Y22.8782
    G0 F500
    G0 X31.7395 Y25.4823

    G0 F7.000000
    G3 X31.6019 Y26.4478 I-3.4574 J-0.
    G3 X31.2845 Y27.0469 I-1.6045 J-0.4666
    G3 X30.7576 Y27.4479 I-1.1128 J-0.9156
    G3 X30.0419 Y27.5999 I-0.7157 J-1.6081
    G3 X29.3195 Y27.4472 I0. J-1.785
    G3 X28.7923 Y27.0469 I0.5805 J-1.3117
    G3 X28.4774 Y26.4485 I1.2932 J-1.0625
    G3 X28.3408 Y25.4823 I3.3477 J-0.9661
    G3 X28.4811 Y24.5082 I3.4539 J0.
    G3 X28.8029 Y23.9108 I1.575 J0.463
    G3 X29.3334 Y23.5166 I1.1212 J0.9548
    G3 X30.0419 Y23.3682 I0.7085 J1.6182
    G3 X30.75 Y23.5168 I-0. J1.7612
    G3 X31.2775 Y23.9108 I-0.5863 J1.3353
    G3 X31.5993 Y24.5082 I-1.2532 J1.0604
    G3 X31.7395 Y25.4823 I-3.3137 J0.9742
    G1 X31.7395 Y25.4823
    G0 F500
    G0 X31.8025 Y27.4914

    G0 F7.000000
    G2 X32.0755 Y27.1148 I-1.5512 J-1.4116
    G2 X32.289 Y26.6339 I-2.3342 J-1.3243
    G2 X32.4134 Y26.1186 I-2.8244 J-0.9545
    G2 X32.4605 Y25.4823 I-4.2722 J-0.6363
    G2 X32.4126 Y24.8463 I-4.2459 J0.
    G2 X32.2855 Y24.3273 I-2.9459 J0.4464
    G2 X32.0695 Y23.8461 I-2.6015 J0.8791
    G2 X31.8025 Y23.4802 I-1.7589 J1.003
    G2 X31.4499 Y23.1707 I-1.5579 J1.4191
    G2 X31.0395 Y22.9482 I-1.193 J1.711
    G2 X30.5923 Y22.8187 I-0.8353 J2.0473
    G2 X30.0384 Y22.7697 I-0.5539 J3.1063
    G2 X29.4983 Y22.8184 I0. J3.0191
    G2 X29.0374 Y22.9517 I0.4229 J2.326
    G2 X28.6199 Y23.1775 I0.814 J2.0036
    G2 X28.2743 Y23.4802 I1.1539 J1.6659
    G2 X28.0034 Y23.8528 I1.5649 J1.4227
    G2 X27.7878 Y24.3308 I2.3793 J1.361
    G2 X27.6662 Y24.8423 I2.8239 J0.9413
    G2 X27.6198 Y25.4823 I4.3866 J0.64
    G2 X27.6659 Y26.1119 I4.3218 J0.
    G2 X27.7878 Y26.6234 I2.967 J-0.4369
    G2 X28.0009 Y27.1048 I2.5773 J-0.8532
    G2 X28.2778 Y27.4914 I1.9287 J-1.0888
    G2 X28.6172 Y27.7896 I1.4249 J-1.2795
    G2 X29.0409 Y28.0165 I1.2287 J-1.7858
    G2 X29.5086 Y28.1505 I0.9108 J-2.2945
    G2 X30.0384 Y28.1985 I0.5299 J-2.904
    G2 X30.5884 Y28.1481 I0. J-3.0284
    G2 X31.043 Y28.013 I-0.4056 J-2.1965
    G2 X31.4611 Y27.7879 I-0.8297 J-2.0424
    G2 X31.8025 Y27.4914 I-1.1315 J-1.6479
    G1 X31.8025 Y27.4914
    G0 F500
    G0 X14.0671 Y22.8782

    G0 F7.000000
    G1 X13.3741 Y22.8782
    G1 X13.3741 Y25.4298
    G1 X10.7735 Y25.4298
    G1 X10.7735 Y22.8782
    G1 X10.0804 Y22.8782
    G1 X10.0804 Y28.09
    G1 X10.7735 Y28.09
    G1 X10.7735 Y26.0459
    G1 X13.3741 Y26.0459
    G1 X13.3741 Y28.09
    G1 X14.0671 Y28.09
    G1 X14.0671 Y22.8782
    G0 F500
    M5 S0
    G0 X0 Y0

  • >  I would think that my steps per mm would be irrelevant to this as the problem seems to occur before it even reaches the repetier firmware in the arduino.
    No that is wrong. The message comes from the printer and depends on a case where no steps are so step resolution can be the important hint, which is why I asked for it.
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