Update button

Hi there,

I really like using repetier server, but there are a few things missing to make it a comfortable tool

Today I always have to upload a gcode again, when it was changed.
Select group, click on "Upload", navigate to the gcode folder, search gcode file .... a lot of clicks and actions.

Request: My suggestion is to create an "Update Button" in each line, besides the print button or the remove button.

This would be a really great new feature, if it's possible.



  • No that is not possible. Gcodes for uploading and server can and often will be on different servers. And server does not see where it came from. Browser just sends a post with filename but server does not see the source and has no access to it anyway, so it can not do that.

    Soon we publish Repetier-Server Monitor where it gets easier. There you can define upload directories and when you store gcode there it will automatically upload. There will be folders for each existing group. Only thing is it will not delete the old files, but maybe I make a switch to overwrite files with same name. Might be handy for such cases.
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