Printer resets when I click preheat all or preheat

Hello, i just installed repetier Server on Raspberry Pi and activated 14 days trial version. But whenever i try to preheat the printer (every time when I click) the printer resets itself and "Oops printer connection lost, trying to reconnect Server" error occurs in the screen, i want to buy a licence but i want to learn the program first. How can i solve this problem. I cant do anything heat-related. So i couldnt try the other functions due to this problem.


  • The oops message means the connection between web browser and repetier-server was lost.

    The fact that it happens when you preheat (I assume you mean in the touch screen of server? Or do you mean a browser on other pc? Important difference as linux could also just stop network due to usb shutting down which is a hobby of pis with small power unit) makes me think the printer might be part of the problem. Have you already tried only heating extruder or only bed to see if that works. What about moving head around, does that work? If you are in console do you see working communication (disable filter to see it).

    Please have also a look into /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log to see if server crashed or what happened at that time. Same for /var/log/syslog.

    To find the problem we first need to see what really is happening. Is config of server ok, is printer in general working, is there a usb shutdown or a firmware reset in printer when you enable heaters. Somewhere is a problem but question is where. 
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