Connected but not get sent or receved

Hi my issue is i can Connect my printer with the repetier server (Raspberry Pi 3 B+)yes with the right port and yes the same baudrate(115200) as in my FW on the printer so i get the green chainlink but there is no data exchange no temp readings incoming and no for example G28 homing going to the printer.
But when i connect my PC with repetier-host everything is fine and also when i use octoprint on the very same hardware it also works

What data should i provide so you can help me find out what i might to wrong here or any test i can do 
and caus of that i already dumped one activation of my Pro license caus i thought i trashed the FW(Repetier-server) and reinstallt it

btw my Printer hast a GT2560 rev A+

with kind regards Florian Draxler 


  • Have you selected marlin firmware? With repetier-firmware on marlin there will be no communication as it will use a binary format marlin does not understand. Otherwise go to console disable filter and check what you see. There you see the communication and also errors happening. With that it will be easier to help.
  • Thank you very much such a little dumb failure ^^ 
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