Inappropriate ioctl for device


I'm trying to configure my Geeetech I3 pro C with Repetier-host on my new computer.

I was previously using another PC with Debian 8 (Stretch) and the printer was working well. However the computer crashed due to hardware issues so I'm moving to a brand new computer.

This computer is a Dell laptop G5 and I'm running Debian 9 (Buster) on it.

I have configured the printer settings from Repetier following this link : Prusa I3 pro&pro B User Manual.pdf

After the first attempt to connect to the printer I had a permission denied error which is normal as my user wasn't yet into "dialout" group.

After adding my user to the group "dialout" and restarting Repetier-host, I now have the following error : "Inappropriate ioctl for device".

Does someone know how I could fix this ?

Is it possible to increase log level in order to go further into debugging ? (don't really want to use strace on repetier ^^)

Is there a way to connect directly to the printer using serial-terminal emulator (like gtkterm or minicom) ?

I'm well used to linux but I am very new to 3D printing and Repetier-host so I miss many information and basic knowledges.

Don't hesitate to ask me for more details if some are missing (and there certainly are).

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Any serial tool can connect to printer. Just set baud rate, 1 stop bit, no parity. Just omit checksums and you should get an answer.

    When do you get the ioctl error? When starting host or when connecting? Sure serial port is set correct? Might have changed with new pc.
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