Raspberry and application freeze

I have problem with printing when I use RepetierServer 0.91.2. After start, printer all the time show in console all values from eeprom. After 5-10 minut printer freezing, touchscreen interface also. When freeze end printer continue print from random position, screen still was freezed. Printer software is repetier firmware 1.0.3.
Any idea what can be source of this problem?
I attached print, server and some raspberry Pi logs.
Because print log have 18 MB, i can't add it directly, its is link to google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j7puA204WqNQj9L6n6rTKR9dxIgIBjyl/view?usp=sharing


  • Your gcode is wrong. It constantly contains
    M205 X30 Y30
    which means list eeprom values for repetier-firmware. So it constantly lists eeprom which is much work for browser/touchscreen and adds lot of unnecessary communication. Could not see a pause - at which time is that? But surely can imagine that all the message flooding causes problems with the gui making it freeze. So modify slicer config to not generate these commands and it should work.
  • Ok, I has configurated slicer for Merlin printer. Thank you for solve the problem
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