Printer Radius in Repetier 2.1.3

When doing the endstop adjustments during the printer radius calibration for my Rostock MAX v2, which value exactly do I bump 0.5mm in Repetier 2.1.3 eeprom

Is it the:
-horizontal rod radius at (0,0) OR (i currently have this as a horizontal distance measured with a tape measure from rod pin to pin after a G28 command)
-max printable radius

AND, does that number have to live somewhere else as well, like the printer settings too?

Thanks in advance.


  • max printable radius has no influence on motion except that it limits the radius. So that is more to limit to bed radius if you could move further. It is also the radius you would set in host.

    horizontal rod radius at (0,0) is what you modify during calibration. This is a firmware only variable. No need to tell anyone.

  • Thanks for this information, I have watched you a lot, thank you for all slitherio
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