Prusa MK2.5 connected but not receiving data

Repetier Server 91.2, Prusa firmware 3.70 for the MK2.5. Server says there is a connection but I can not do the heating wizard - it just does nothing. Also if I try to send a gcode nothing will happen. I get multiple time out messages.


  • Make sure firmware is set to Marlin, baudrate to what is set in firmware. Also select "Port is visible even when unconnected". That is a behaviour of Prusa printers that it looks like firmware is there but only the usb port which is powered over usb is visible until main power comes on. With that you get no constant switch between off/try connect.

    At least in MK3 you can select output port for marlin between usb port and internal serial header. If that is the same with 2.5 make sure it is selected to where you connected it.
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