Is it possible to run a multi-material print with different print settings?

edited May 2019 in Repetier-Host
I am currently trying to run a multi-part print with two materials, that each require their own extrusion tool. I have been able to z-offset each of the two STL files, so that they line up on top of each other.

The problem that I am having is that although Repetier-host has the ability to run different filament settings for different extruders, it doesn't allow you to run different print settings  for each extruder. This is important for me, because the two extruders are designed to print with different layer heights, speeds, and infill. I'm not sure if it is possible for Repetier-host to run a continuous print with two very different materials, but I would greatly appreciate help if any of you have experience!


  • No, you can't select that in host. In slic3r you can select per material overrides, but layer height is not a available option.
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