0.91.2 API error - wrong data

I'm playing a little with the API, and when requesting /printer/list endpoint, printedTimeComp looks a bit wierd.

When starting a print it started out at 660.00000000000000 and started counting from there.
Did a reboot, and now it start at 110.00000000000000 and counts from there.

Shouldn't it return 0.00000000000000 when starting the print, and then count up from that?



  • It starts at 0 and adds the time for each command that got send are added. So at startup you get commands like heat extruder or bed which easily add 110 oder 660 seconds as they are send very quickly at the beginning. So guess that is what happens here.
  • So it's normal to see this value starting out at ie. 660 secs (11 minutes) when starting the job?
    I can see it has sent 12 lines of code when I see these times.
  • If there is a M109/M190 in these lines it is normal. Server does not know when the command is executed so it adds time on send. Normally the error is negelcteble, except when you wait for heaters. But for the total time estimate it is still correct. It then takes the 660 seconds before you will see new time increase.
  • Okay - thank you.
    I'll do some more testing.
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