Extruder should wait for bed to heat up.

Hi Since the server knows the heating speed of the bed, would be nice if the extruder could wait for the bed to reach certain temperature to start heating. 

In my case I print ABS with the bed at 107º So the extruder reach its working temperature quite earlier than the bed. Also I like to left the bed some time at it's printing temperature to allow it to stabilize.



  • The time predictions is not that reliable. Also that can be easily achieved with some lines of gcode. So you can write your own custom command for preheat or put the same code as start code in your slicer configuration (would be the normal way).

    Simply heat bed to target - x with wait, then heat to target without wait and start heating extruder with wait, then bed with wait.
    After that both have target temperature with extruder having started midway of bed heatup.
  • Thanks for the suggestion That's how I'm doing it right now.
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