Calling External Commands Return Value

Is it possible to get a return value or string from stdout/stderr and display it using the "Calling External Commands" feature?
I am using Adafruit_Python_DHT to read a DHT22 sensor connected to my Pi running Repetier-Server.  I have written a script that prints the value and made it available as an external command in Repetier Server.  The command runs ok, but I don't know if I can see stdout/stderr from within the Repetier Server web interface.  Is it possible to see or route the output so it is visible in the web interface?


  • No that is not possible. But might be a nice addition to say show result in command config. But have to check how I can communicate that. Normally it is asynchronous so it would not wait for the answer. 
  • Ok thanks,
    For now I have made my script trigger an IFTTT Webhooks event to notify me of the temperature and humidity whenever I run the external command.
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