Problem with two identical webcams

Hey everyone,

yesterday I encountered a problem with my new bought second webcam, that is the same model as my first one. It just doesn't show up in the menu for adding new webcams seperately. But if I pull out the old webcam it will show up. ( I am running a Rasberry Pi with Repetier Server Pro 0.91.2 installed)

I already have found out, that I have to change something in webcam.conf, but unfortunately I am a total noob with programming.

Hopefully someone can help me where I have to change something, because I can't find the file. :/ 


  • Yes, as they have same id you need to make it depend on usb port instead. Here how the end of /usr/local/Repetier-Settings/etc/webcam.conf that should result in 2 webcams appearing after reboot. Before reboot also run
    sudo rm -r /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/webcam_ports/
    to force it init correctly.
    # WEBCAM_DIR is used for naming video devices
    # /dev/v4l/by-id/* Is to use the device names. It is not important where you plug it in
    # /dev/v4l/by-path/* Is to use th eusb port plugged in to identify webcams. Use this if you have identical names
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    Okay, thank you.

    But I still can't understand where I have to edit /usr/local/Repetier-Settings/etc/webcam.conf. Do I have to connect my Rasberry Pi to the PC? Or is the file somewhere on the SD card of the Raspberry Pi?

  • Okay. Now I have got it.

    For all that are struggeling like I had been; here a better explanation:

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