Non manifold error extrange

edited April 2019 in Repetier-Host
I´m trying to print a planetary gear but Repetier host say it is non manifold, but if I use Ultimaker Cura i can work the gear. I'd like know how to fix that problem, netfabb works like repetier host and detect non manifold in the file and doesn't  fix the file just make a big piece is that 


  • Fact is, the model is non manifold. You see in the middle the gears have inner faces. I guess the creator glued 2 gears on each other without removing them, but that them non manifold.

    The fact that is only horizontal could allow slicers to slice it none the less. So try and see generated gcode.

    However running the netfabb fix build in host on W10 fixed the gear in my case, at least for the rear gear.
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