Slow Boot and Shutdown On Raspberry Pi3

Hi, i decide to try repetier server as octoprint replacement because i think the touch interface is better, i download the raspberry image v14, install the touchscreen drivers and everithing  work great but the start and the shutdown is slow about 1 minute to boot and minute an a half to shut down, i tried diferents sd cards, updating the kernel etc and nothing works

is there a way to improve the boot and shutdown times???

Raspberry Pi3 B
Waveshare 5inch Touchscreen


  • About a minute to see the final touch interface sounds right. I want to try for V15 a different start method for x server, but starting x server, chromium and loading the app will still take some time. Espcieally chromium start seems to take a good time.

    Starting basic linux is for me 14 seconds, the rest ist login and start mentioned GUI.

    What I wonder is that shutdown takes so long. Normally that is quite fast. Can you see which part is acting slow?
  • When it shutdown the screen get stuck with this image for about a minute and 20 seconds

    And when it boot show me this error:
    [Failed] Failed to start Configure bluetooth Modems connected by uart. See systenctl status hciuart.service for details

  • Ok, the screen I never really see. Rebooting closes it too fast in my case. So stopping xserver/chromuim is fast and then comes a service I guess that slows down shutdown.

    Server can take a bit longer when it is busy processing new uploads, otherwise it will stop quite fast.
    Regarding your bluetooth message - do you use bluetooth for anything like a printer? Then that might also be a reason. Failed starts often means also waiting for start.
  • No I do not use Bluetooth in my printer and yes server closes quite fast and show the terminal screen and then take a minute or little more to finish shutong down it seams something gets stuck until it reach the time out and force closing 
  • Have you checked /var/log/syslog after reboot for hints? I think if reason gets logged then there.
  • I just Check and the syslog is empty but i think its something related with the Wifi because i connect the raspberry via ethernet and boot in 35 seconds

  • i think i'm gonna try starting fresh in another sd card

  • I just did a fresh install of Repetier Server and it boots up fairly quickly, shutdown, very slow. I can see all the stuff it's shutting down as it scrolls by in the TFT display but at the point where the Rasp Pi stops accessing the SD card and the TFT goes white takes a couple of minutes.
  • to post and update i did a fresh install on different sd, the behavior is the same
    a minute to boot when is connected via wifi and 35 seconds when is connected via ethernet

    shutdown is the same in both cases around a minute and a half
  • For starting you can run dmesg to see all bootup messages with timing to see where delay occurs. 
    Have you also timed rebooting? Is it also that slow? For me it was quite fast. After display is off it is hard to see if it is still shutting down or if blinking is more hardware related and system is already down.
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