Pre-Heat Extruder?

I wasn't sure how to title this properly.  One thing I like to do to save time, which I don't believe is an option in Repetier (yet...), is to manually heat the bed, then manually start heating the extruder when the bed gets to about 105°.  Then I hit start.  By the time my bed heats up the last 10° or so, the extruder is just getting up to temp.  It saves waiting a minute or two for the extruder to head up after the bed is already heated :)


  • That is why the host has programmable scripts (5) whcih can be accessed in manual control and defined in preview->gcode->Select Script 1 - 5 and save after definition. Simply write your pre-heat scrip and then press the corresponding script button to execute.
  • Excellent!  That sounds like it'll definitely do the trick.  Now I just need to figure out how to write the code :)
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