Pre-Heat Extruder?

I wasn't sure how to title this properly.  One thing I like to do to save time, which I don't believe is an option in Repetier (yet...), is to manually heat the bed, then manually start heating the extruder when the bed gets to about 105°.  Then I hit start.  By the time my bed heats up the last 10° or so, the extruder is just getting up to temp.  It saves waiting a minute or two for the extruder to head up after the bed is already heated :)


  • That is why the host has programmable scripts (5) whcih can be accessed in manual control and defined in preview->gcode->Select Script 1 - 5 and save after definition. Simply write your pre-heat scrip and then press the corresponding script button to execute.
  • Excellent!  That sounds like it'll definitely do the trick.  Now I just need to figure out how to write the code :)
  • I just thought I'd follow up on this because I JUST NOW finally did this.  The script is as follows:

    M140 S102
    M190 S102
    M140 S112
    M104 S240
    M109 S240

    It works great!  The only issue I have with it is that when it runs M140 then M104, it only shows updates on the extruder temp.  The be is increasing to 112° in the background, so it works as intended, it just doesn't update.  I threw the extra M105 in there hoping that might do it, but it doesn't seem to have any affect.  I'm ok with it as it, but if anyone has fix, that would just be the cherry on top :)
  • M109/M190 are blocking so extra M105 make not much difference only when switching between the commands.

    Some firmwares (or versions) only report the temperature of the device they are heating skipping the other ones so in that case you get no updates until target is reached. In this case it can not be changed except with fixed firmware on printer. If you disable M105 filter you would see that the automatic response is reduced to the heating device in that case.
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    Excellent, very good to know, thank you!  I will consider it good enough the way it is :)
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