New printer (Ender-3) won't connect through USB

I have used the Repetier server with my previous printer (Anet A8), but now traded it out for a Creality Ender 3 printer. While I could easily connect the Repetier Server to the A8 over the USB cable, the Ender-3 will not.  With the A8 it showed it was connecting through COM3.  I now only see COM4, and no COM3 showing (Windows 10).  COM4 is showing as RAMPS.  I can change it to COM3, but it still doesn't connect. I have also tried the "Add New Printer" wizard, but it just sits at the "Waiting for connection" stage. 

I would really like to be able to connect via the USB / serial so that I can send gcodes for fine tuning.  Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • I just found the answer, so this might help others.  It turns out I didn't have the driver installed for the printer.  Makes a difference.  Hope this helps someone else!
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