Touch GUI: Is it possible to show both extruder temperatures?

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Hi, using V14 0.91.2 on Pi3 with Touchscreen.
The GUI shows the extruder temp and bed temp in the head line and in status lines during printing.
Since I have a dual extruder setup and heat always both extruders for wiping prior to printing, it would be hepful if both extruder temperatures could be shown parallel.
In case this is just an easy step I would appreciate some hints.

Thanks in advance!


  • Not easy. You need to recompile sources with some changes:-)
    We also thought about showing all temperatures there but there are too many cases where it will not fit. Smaller display, 4 extruders, heated chamber, ... so we only show the active extruder instead. After all that is the most important. In params screen you can of course see all temperatures at once.
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