Show what COM ports are being used during adding a new printer

This is a minor inconvenience when installing a new printer into RS, but could you make it show what ports are being used in it, as in showing what printers are already connected to prevent mixing the ports up and causing issues? Thanks!


  • Same deal with adding webcams to plz

  • Interesting idea for com ports. Maybe mark used ones in red. Also it will not mark all used as at least for linux every port appears with 3 different names. But if you use same path for all it would be a good indication.

    For webcams you mean the dropdown I guess. Will see. But it is also ok to use it several times and I do not want users to think it would be an error to select them when being red. Will think about it.
  • I only requested this because choosing a printer port is a massive pain as there are like 70 blank ports that don't work and there is no way of knowing which one is selected and cause a 17 hour print to stop printing as it was about to  finish while configuring another printer.
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