Variable ABL

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only a short throw-in
A really useful feature would be to assimilate the ABL grid to the size and place of the object i want to print

Something like
small object --> 2x2 grid
big object    --> 7x7 grid

background idea:
when printing with thin layers (0.05mm) my 5x5 ABL grid isn't fine enough and i ve problems with adhesion
a bigger grid would take way longer with small objects 5x5 -> 25 Points, 10x10 -> 100 Points

so a pretty cool feature would be to give the printer the dimension (distance) of the grid and the firmare levels only the points, which effects the print object.
like i tried to display in the picture below.
my original grid is 10x10 and the green circle displays my printing area.
Therefore i only want to "level" the red dots, the others retain with the old values 

This would improve qualtiy and reduce the amount of restarting a print ;)


  • This is a firmware dependend function and would need to be solved there.

    Actually the questions is what ABL is doing. If it only computes bed rotation 10x10 grid is overkill. You need 3 points for this every additional point is just making a plane through average. If it also adds bump correction it is not required to do it every time. Bumps in bed will not move normally and storing bumps in eeprom will restore corrections on next print.
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