Disable Message Popup

Is there a way to disable the notification popup on the touch interface?


  • You mean the print finished and out of filament messages? No switch for them at the moment. Maybe an idea to have a switch for it in future.
  • Yes that is the message.  I run multiple printers and often start prints from the PC.  I only time I use the touch screen  is when am at the printers to load filament, cancel a failing print, or restart a failed print.  Since I don't use the touchscreen on every print I often need to acknowledge 5-10 messages before I can use the display which is a bit annoying.
  • I would also like to have this switch. The finish message is not necessary. Everybody can see, that the job is finished. But hitting several times on the display to see the current status is annoying.
  • Will see if I can add a switch.
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