Ability to Upload a User List for University Usability

Hi All, 
I am looking at implementing the Repetier Server (Pro) on a machine to provide some infrastructure to our bank of 3D Printers in our Faculty. From testing the server software at home, I am more than impressed with what we can achieve using this. My question is this, is it possible to upload an .xls sheet of users to create individual user accounts for students? If so how many users can the database support? This would allow me to track each students usage. The other solution i have found it far simpler and create a user account that all students have access to upload from but this limits the amount of data I can use for generating reports. 

Is the first option acheiveable through the API? I am not a scripting person but have access to someone who i regard as a guru in that field. 

Thank you in advance for you opinions and feedback.



  • See https://www.repetier-server.com/manuals/programming/API/index.html

    The methods you will need are
    createUser and deleteUser and maybe List userlist and updateUser

    You can easily make a small software that maps your list to all server instances. A xls upload is not supported.

    We haven't build in a limit to users. They are just stored in a sqlite database in database directory named user.sql. So as long as the pc can handle the database you can add users.
  • Thank you very much for your speedy response, I will pass this information to my guy, I'm sure that documentation will make much more sense to him! ;)
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