cura 4.0 and repetierServer pro 0.91.2 - cura: g-code flavor repetier : Firmware - Settings??

What I understand :
cura 4.0 has many options for the parameter: "g-code flavor" . RepetierServer : not 
cura 4 e.g. has the Ultimaker 2 option RepetierServer : not 

thats means it depends on the options which are set ,  if UM2+ printer works correctly

Which option/parameter  did you choose for Cura and Repetier so that the result is the same like I'm just working with the SD card. ??

( maybe G-Code flavor marlin works better than RepRap if configured on Cura also on repetier) 


  • Results : marlin and RepRap settings try to Print on the UM2+ but the filament gets entangled. 
    the same file sliced with g-code "ulitmaker" and saved on SD card works fine no wraps around the nozzle
  • Server doe sonly send the g-code. It has flavours by selecting the firmware during installation. But that is only for internal handling, it will send the g-code you upload 1:1. So the created g-code must match the firmware of your printer. If you enable logging or check the console you will see if it gets send successully and will also see that it gets send 1:1. Server might only add things like print progress or query for temperatures.
  • thx  but cura 4.0 has the g-code "ultimaker" and repetier not . so there is a difference by default. 
    I will check the log 
  • hi repetier
    "1:1" sent
    If I use with Cura 4.0 and the g-code "ultimaker" and sent it to the repetier Server which is configured with firmware "marlin". The print result is is bad as decribed above
    WHY  when the code will be sent 1:1 ?
    ( because of the control sequences which are implict in the "ultimaker" gcode ?)
  • I don't use Cura 4 and have no Ultimaker printer for testing. Does the code somehow look different then normal gcode? I know at least older machines used Marlin, I think even the creator of Marlin worked for them.
    Does the log show any problems? I need more informations on what is happening to be possible to see where the problem might be.
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