Printer speed controls

Not sure if this is going to make sense
I design (on Laptop) using RS design Spark mechnical
Export as STL file
Then use Cura (on Laptop) to slice & save GCode

I run Repetier Server on  Raspberry Pi 3+
So I upload Gcode to that & then drive the printer from there

In Cura I can set Printer profile including speeds for top/bottom layers walls & infills

When I print there does NOT seem to be any speed variation
So I am assuming that the Printer settings in Repetier Server are overriding anything that comes from Cura

Is this correct
Can I do anything about this


  • No, server does not override your gcode settings. The settings in server are only used to calculate the time. It needs to know real maximum speed since if your gcode has moves faster then that, the firmware will limit speed. And only if we know that we know it takes longer due to that fact.

    You can check your code for F values (which are the speeds) and see if they differ over parts. Also check your firmware for maximum speed.
  • Thanks -- I'll have to take a llook at some of the GCode

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