Repetier finish print then trigger a home kit device

Hi all, this may have been asked before and if so I’m sorry, please point me In The right direction.

So I have repetier server installed on a pi zero and my printer connected to a hive switch connected to home kit

Does anyone know/tried/thought about, if it’s possible to send a “do request” to home bridge or home kit to turn the switch off once the print finishes?

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I can tell you that you can add commands to be run in gcode with @execute so if you put that call in the gcode finished event you can trigger a script doing what ever you want including home automation. I only can not say how you call home automatisation bridges. Read advanced setup chapter for mor einformations on @execute configuration.
  • That’s a perfect start thank you, I’ll have a read into it tonight and see how I get on 
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