ab slic3r1.42+ gibt es die noconsole nicht mehr. Ist eine Anpassung auf das neue Protokoll geplant?

Gruß aus Sachsen


  • Ja im nächsten update wird 1.42 wohl eh als standard dabei sein und natürlich die neuen kommandozeilenparameter nutzen. Die aktuelle Version kennt die neuen Änderungen natürlich noch nicht.
  • Danke für die Info :)
  • @Repetier
    Any idea on the timeline for the update? The slic3r PE guys really killed repetier integration, first with the -o change and then with the noconsole removal.
  • There will be one intermediate release for server and a new software then we will update host with some nice new things.
  • I wrote a wrapper to ignore --gui hardcoded option but also if it starts, it then fails to slice and / or place objects on the plate. Is there any planned release? This is my code, if you want to try



    for i in "$@"
      case "$i" in
        command+="$i "

    DIR=$(readlink -f "$0" | xargs dirname)
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$DIR/bin"

    $DIR/bin/slic3r $command

  • We have no release date yet, sorry.
  • Made a launcher tool to launch Slic3r PE from Repetier Host 2.1.3
  • As things are moving slower than expected I wrote a new wrapper to have prusaslicer working with repetierhost as of version 2.1.3 on linux and likely on macos

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