Blackout 0.91.2 - finish print

Hello . I'm using version 0.91.2 with Prusa MK3S. Whenever it finds or generates a blackout, it never resumes printing. I have done several tests and the problem is that the connection fails or Rasberry generates voltage calls and stops the printer. After the confirmation of resuming, he returns to work, but he no longer finds the point from which to resume and filament does not start again. Turn in the void in height without material


  • Are you printing over usb cable and getting usb disconnectes from low voltage on pi?

    The Prusa MK3 does not reset on reconnect but should hold position in that case. If Prusa it self looses power it will raise print head which is bad since you then can not know height you are at.

    But as I understand you see the offer to continue print. It should set printer tool and temperature. Does it do that? Can you enable logging and show a few 100 lines of stored log around the connection lost. It might not start exactly where you stopped print but should be close as it would have executed the lost lines maybe or these are what you lost. But in any case I would expect the server to set temperature and continue sending extrusion commands. But maybe log will reveal a error stat something that went wrong here. Without the log I can only do guessing.
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