Import of Settings from Kisslicer


I got Kisslicer set up perfectly but want to move entirely to Repetier (Host, Firmware, Server)

So i wonder if an import settings from other slicers could be introduced?


  • You could reach 90% and then would need to guess which 10% are messing. While slicers share some settings many settings are also unique to some slicers and also slicers might work internally different, so that same settings would not result in the same. Other example is speed setting in KISSlicer which is not present in slic3r where you have to select min, max or some average on conversion. Start/end scripts also use different placeholders and so on. 

    This is surely easier then your firmware converter, but still a large project. Might happen some time but other functions have higher priority.

    But a tipp for KISSlicer. The host has a Slicer "Watchdirectory" which makes it easy to import slices from kisslicer as long as you save them always in the same directory. 
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