No Repetier-Informer Push Message on M600 Change filament

I am using Repetier Host (0.91.2) and Repetier Firmware (1.0.4dev) and using M600 in G-Code to change filament at a certain layer.
The printer pauses and moves the extruder as expected and displays the "Change filament ..." display on the LCD.
However I don't get a Repetier-Informer Push Message notifying me of the paused printer state.
I have configured host to send messages for all available events, including pause, stop and severe error.
I use @pause in my G-Code and I get a push message for these and for print started and finished.

Are there some logs to look at or printer firmware configuration change I need to make?

Also the Console Message showed:
21:37:42.172: Info:Marked all extruders as unjammed.
21:37:42.172: Jam control disabled:1
21:37:42.172: important: Filament change required!

Thanks for any help.


  • In Preferences->Push Messages you need to enable that you want messages at pause as well. If you print over server, you need to configure it in server.

    Only Repetier-Server will also send messages at M600 detection I think, host does not have it yet. Only real @pause.
  • Sorry for the confusion, I am not using Repetier Host.  I am using Repetier Server on my Raspberry Pi and Repetier Firmware on my CR-10S printer.  I have enabled all messages.  @pause generates a push message, however M600 doesn't.
  • Maybe the required trigger response was not found. Can you post the full communication around such a pause so I can compare what I entered as trigger and what you have. Since it triggers filament change I'd say that would it be. Will also recheck server for the message. I'm quite sure I already wrote that but you never know.
  • Does this help?
    18:49:12.437: T:27.21 /0 B:27.44 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:12.564: wait
    18:49:13.539: T:27.79 /0 B:27.33 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:13.570: wait
    18:49:14.186: Slow command added:M600
    18:49:14.186: N22 M600
    18:49:14.230: ok 22
    18:49:14.230: Info:Marked all extruders as unjammed.
    18:49:14.230: Jam control disabled:1
    18:49:14.230: important: Filament change required!
    18:49:15.732: T:27.44 /0 B:27.33 /0 B@:0 @:0 (2)
    18:49:16.227: busy:paused for user interaction
    18:49:16.834: T:27.44 /0 B:27.21 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:17.921: T:26.51 /0 B:27.33 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:18.224: busy:paused for user interaction
    18:49:19.023: T:26.51 /0 B:25.81 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:20.126: T:27.21 /0 B:26.63 /0 B@:0 @:0
    18:49:20.221: busy:paused for user interaction
  • You get a message if this condition from firmware description firmwares/repetier.xml is met:
    <response type="outOfFilament">RequestPause:Extruder Jam Detected</response>
    <response type="outOfFilament">^important: Filament change required!</response>
    to the file should also catch the M600 case that you have. Have added it for next update, but you can add it also manually.

  • Thanks for the quick response, works great thanks!
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