M25 not always pausing printer ??

M25 only pauses my printer about a 3rd of a time...

it shows up in Gcode

sliced by slic3r
repetier host v2.1.3
printerbot simple pro

my custom Gcode:

{if [layer_num] == 5}M25 ; pink name
{if [layer_num] == 7}M25  ; white body
{if [layer_num] == 14}M25 ; pink dots
{if [layer_num] == 16}M25 ; yellow egg
{if [layer_num] == 18}M25 ;orange egg
{if [layer_num] == 20}M25 ; green egg
{if [layer_num] == 22}M25 ; white/pink  ear
{if [layer_num] == 23}M25 ; pink ear
{if [layer_num] == 24}M25 ; white ear


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