Calibrating pid temperature control

Hi fellas,

So I created 3d printer from cd-rom. And I am using Ramps 1.4 and mega 2560. My problem is I cant get the Hotend heater past 100C for 60 minutes. I decoupled the heater from the shield and tried direct power supply I got it to 230C in less than 15 mins. So what am I not doing? And what should I know when calibrating for temperature control? 

The heater is rated at 12V and 40W.


  • You did not increase max pwm so it limits temperature. Set it to 255 whcih is the maximum and you should be able to get higher.

    For calibration see M303 description in Repetier.ino file. The variants differ just in overswing and time to converge, so take what you like.
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