WebCam with Live Recording Video method?

So with a print job that can be broken down in layers, it is kinda cool to have timelapse video of each layer.

But how might we add a Live Video Recording for those running CNC with it?  I have a CNC Job that takes only 5 mins to laser out a logo, and I have both a WebCam and an Endoscope as a second webcam, and it would be neat to have both as always recording each job in a live 30fps video as an option. 

If that can be done with really small Timelapse intervals, then I need to figure out how to make Repetier Server on the RPi find ffmpeg, as that is also missing.



  • Your image contains ffmpeg by default.
    Closes you can do from server side is take a snapshot every second. Video recording is not supported. You might make a script with ffmpeg to do that, also this costs cpu time, so pc running it must be fast enough. You could start the job using @execute in start g-code and send s stop signal in end g-code.
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