Customization: Touch Gui on RPi 7"

So I am ready to try to whack out all the printing functions in my touch GUI as I use this for the MPCNC.

I am following the tutorial, and made a MPCNC folder along side the front/front2 folders that were there. Copied the "lua" and "www" folders from "front" and then modified the 


to aim chromium at the new directory. But now my touch screen boots into text login mode, rather than auto logging in to my touch gui?

I changed it back to front and no avail, still stops at the login screen.

I am about to go through the tutorial for auto login to see if I can find what else may have broken.. Any thoughts?



  • OK, so I think I fixed it properly... I had thought I needed to use the lightdm and use B4 autologin to desktop, but while that worked it left the xinit cursur on, and i had to load lightdm which I had never used.. so I thought maybe since it works in I manually log into the CLI, I would use raspi-config to turn that on. B2 CLI Auto-login.

    Now I can rip out lightdm and it still works.. so I just broke the auto-login for CLI somehow.

    Only when I try to reference my MPCNC folder created by that tutorial, it says my app.html can't be displayed. :-(

    Are those direction up to date with the latest Repetier Image? 


  • Updating linux often breaks boot options. You need in raspi-config command line with autologin. At the end of bash login script we start x server.

    The instructions you reference are for the outdated touch gui. Current version is here:
    is for the current gui.

    And do not forget to tell server where your shadow folder is positioned, so it uses your files.
  • I have the same problem. I cant get it working back present i am getting some x server error unable to open virtual console(prrmission denied) 
  • That does not say me anything. Never seen that error or don't remember. What did you do to break the x server? Often that contains a step breaking something you configured before.
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