Slicing taking ages to complete

Hey guys,

I'm trying to slice this STL: ; and it´s taking forever... Without supports it takes around 45 minutes. With supports I still don´t know, since i left it overnight and it´s not yet completed.
The same object sliced in other apps give me almost zero-waiting time.

Anyone has any clue of what could be?

PS: It´s not the object fault. Every "big" STL (more than 5MB) takes ages to Slic3r.
PS2: It´s not a hardware problem... Note is a i5-7300HQ, 16GB RAM, SSD and 1050 videocard...


  • It is the option "Avoid crossing perimeter" I think. This creates less crossings for nicer surface but detecting these crossings seems very time intensive.
  • Salve! ho reistallato repetier host e vorrei usare slik3r ma ho questo problema: carico file.stl, avvio slic3r da repet.. , la barra scorrimento verde e' ferma 5 mm ,dopo alcuni minuti (5) compare un messaggio " non trovo il g-code generato" Grazie per l'aiuto!
  • When the gcode was not found reason is normally a bad setting causing the slicer to stop early. Read the full error message and slic3r normally writes the reason like layer height too high for nozzle diameter.
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