Time lapse with a DSLR


I currently trying to use my canon dslr (canon 760d) to make time lapse with repetier server hosted on a raspberry pi. Does anyone have a solution for that ? I think webcam video based solution can work.

But something with raspeberry sending a trigger signal to the dslr to take a photo can be more cool i think.

If anyone ever try that dive me feedback / documentation if possible.

Thanx, Nico


  • So where is a way to trigger a call to a shell script when printer have moved to the time laps preset positing ? Aka subscribe to an other webcam timelapse trigger to run my script ?

  • So is it possible to write a plugins who trigger a shell script when this command is send to printer : "G4 P800"

    ex on log :
    21:54:14.997: Slow command added:G4 P800

  • No you can't do it that way. I guess you want to trigger a signal on pi that makes the DSLR trigger a photo right? Becaus ethe timelapse function requires a IP webcam. If your DSLR has a IP webcam mode you can add it to webcams and use it without modification. If it is just making photos at special times, you should use the slicer as help. In selcers you can add gcode to the layer change event (at least with slic3r). There you can add @execute command to trigger an external script. If you need to be at a special position for snapshot use memory position to come back to old position. M400/M401 may work for you. Add the execute before the log delay but after 30 G4 P0 commands you use to sync motion with position. That is how we do it for timelapse to force a position.

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    Thx for your reply :) i had try many things and it still didn't work.
    1. I have create a file in /home/pi/scripts named timelapse.sh with chmod +777
    2. Script has  a call to "gphoto2 --capture-image-and-download", when try to use it with user PI work fine
    3. Add script path to extcommandes.xml as a "command" or as a "execute", with and withou sudo on the beginning, save and restart repetier daemon
    4. Create repetierserver-timelaps file in /etc/sudoers.d with that : "repetierserver ALLNOPASSWD: /home/pi/scripts" and the same for gphoto2
    5. Try to call "@execute timelapse" or @execute /home/pi/scripts/timelapse.sh" from web GUI console, nothing showed up.

  • 4. It is /home/pi/scripts/timelapse.sh that gets called and needs the sudo permission. It gets called by repetierserver so that user must also be able to access that path including pi and scripts directory!

    @execute timelapse

    is what you must call. You can do it in console for testing. See results in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log
    Might be easier to add a script folder in /var/lib/Repetier-Server whcih is accessible for repetierserver anyway.

    You need to restart the server so changes are read.
  • Thx for you reply will try it when i come back from works.
  • What is the current status ? is it working , i want to make it work too :).

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