Wrong forcast foto in Control panel

I tried several times to print a part and had to cancel printing. The first part was with support, which I didn't wanted. After switching off support in S3D I transmitted print again and saw that support was still in the forcast view. Because of that I retried it several times. Print is now without support, but forcast always shows an old version. I thing there might be a problem because of having same file name.


  • Try a hard reload of the website to force reloading images. If you deleted the old the next gets same name and could be served by the browser cache.  We try to add random values to link to prevent cache reuse, but looks like it here did not happen. Which gui did have the problem? Default gui or touchscreen at printer?
  • Both, on touchscreen and on PC with Firefox
  • I think I know why. Have changed to versions but reuploading starts with same version:-( Maybe I should just start with a random version to solve the problem. Is only used for display anyway.
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